Brain Training For Dogs

Why Are Dogs So Friendly?

I’m a certified dog trainer based in California and I currently reside on a farm with a horse, 3 cats and 2 French Bulldogs!

Today i’m going to be taking a look at the online dog training course, Brain Training For Dogs and giving you my honest review of it!

Firstly, is it possible to train your dog on your own through online modules and videos? This review is going to answer that question from the perspective of a professional dog trainer.

I’ll be honest, as a dog trainer and animal professional for over 20 years I’m always skeptical of training courses online.

I have been hands on with several hundred dogs, and it’s hard to fathom an inexperienced dog owner not having help when teaching something new.

With my guidance, my students have gone on to be therapy teams, show dogs, and AKC Canine Good Citizens.

I have always been an active participant in my students learning and problem solving, which is why I’m a bit unsure of online programs. 

But hopefully this Brain Training For Dogs review will help to install some confidence in online dog training programs!

So what is brain training for dogs? The creator, dog trainer Adrienne Farricelli, describes it as “developing your dog’s intelligence” but what it really means is training your dog through force-free activities designed to engage the mind.

Brain Training for Dogs uses a series of 21 fun games to reach this goal. The 5 course modules are taught in a series from easier to advanced, laid out in the form of traditional education: Preschool, Elementary, High School, College, University, Graduation, Einstein.

Science Based Dog Training

To begin my review of Brain Training For Dogs, I think it’s important to look at the underlying principles that the program is built upon.

There are many different schools of thought when it comes to dog training. There are celebrity trainers who push “pack theory” and there are others who recommend a science based approach– which is what you’ll find in the Brain Training for Dogs course.

Recent evidence has shown that pack theory training is not the most effective training method; dogs are not wolves and the original basis for pack theory training was conducted on captive wolves whose relationships are not the same as dogs or wolves in the wild.

Just like the wolf evolved into the dog, training has rapidly evolved over the last 5 decades. While positive training is now the norm, in the 90’s and earlier most trainers taught dogs using choke chains and pinch collars. They promoted harsh, punishment based methods.

As a former zookeeper and someone who has trained many species of animal, I am all for science based training. Science based training is universal, positive and understandable by multiple species. Do an internet search for “clicker training chickens” and see what I mean.

So what is “science based training?” To put it simply, it’s a way to shape the behaviors you want through a consistent, conditioned marker. Huh? I know, it’s confusing. Let me break it down.

Have you ever heard of Pavlov’s dogs? For those who haven’t, scientist Ivan Pavlov realized his research dogs were accidentally trained to salivate. He was studying the dogs salivation response when being fed, but he discovered they were salivating before the food.

He surmised the dogs were responding to the sound of the assistants footsteps- which indicated food was on the way. Testing this theory, Pavlov conditioned the dogs to salivate at the sound of a metronome. Thus, classical conditioning (aka Pavlovian Conditioning) and science based dog training was born!

An Extra Thought: I’m all about science based training. As a progressive trainer I firmly believe keeping your dog mentally stimulated is critical to preventing, and even eliminating, unwanted behaviors. I often say “a bored dog is a bad dog”, and these games will certainly activate your dogs mind as well as body in many cases.

Who Is Adrienne Farricelli The Dog Trainer?

Next up in the review, let’s take a look at the founder of Brain Training For Dogs.

Adrienne Farricelli has impressive qualifications, she studied dog training in Italy and is a CPDT-KA trainer in the USA. The letters stand for Certified Pet Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed and are an earned credential given by the independent Council for Certified Dog Trainers.

To obtain the credencial, a trainer must meet strict requirements including: minimum number of hours training dogs (with proof), a rigorous multi-hour national exam, provide a reference from a veterinarian.

After a trainer has become a CPDT-KA he or she must participate in Continuing Education in order to retain the credential and to keep up on the latest developments in dog training.

Adrienne has written articles for many well known publications, including USA Today.

Here Is My Honest Review Of Brain Training For Dogs!

Ok, now we know the method of this course and who created it, let’s get into the Brain Training For Dogs course review itself. Right from the main page of the website you are offered a free game and a few helpful articles. As well as this, the site itself is simple and easy to navigate.

I love anything free, so it’s nice to see information and a fun starter game to get your training going.

There is also a guide for behavior training included when you purchase the course, and the sales page has a video example of teaching your dog not to jump in a positive, force free way.

Trainers Tip: Most dog owners are not starting with an already well behaved dog when they seek training help. I suggest reading the behavior guide first if this is your situation, but don’t skimp on the obedience training!

What Is Included In This Brain Training For Dogs Program?

This program is a one-time fee for which you will get:

Main Manual – This book structured like a school curriculum in which you will learn a lot of dog training tricks. It starts from the ‘pre-school’ in which you will learn some easy dog training tricks then gradually progressing to more advanced tricks. We will take a deeper look at these training levels in a bit.

7 Tricks Training Videos – This package contains videos of seven tricks that you can teach to your dog. These seven tricks include taking a bow, playing dead, rolling over, shaking hands, howling, dancing and covering eyes.

Obedience 101 Training – This book contains little-known obedience tricks in which you will learn how to use food to make your dog obey you. This book contains video for training tricks such as sit/lie, take/leave, pick/drop and other obedience commands.

Polishing Up Your Training – Now you have taught your dog to obey you by using the food but is this mean you will have to use bait forever? No! You will learn how to stop using bait gradually to make your dog obey you even when you are not using any of these baits.

Adrienne’s Archive – This package contains many in-depth articles about different dog behaviors. Although I am training dog for 15 years, but still I found some great tricks from these articles.

Here’s a Sneak Peak at What You Get Inside the 'Brain Training For Dogs' Online Course…


This is the foundation for the whole course. Here your dog will learn how to tap into his awesome brain power to become super obedient to your every command. Inside you will discover the following…

  • How to ‘Target Train’ your dog so he/she keeps their attention on you. (You can even use ‘targeting’ to get your dog to open doors, ring bells or turn off lights).
  • The ‘magic little way’ to get your dog to look into your eyes so the communication is strong as a foundation for super obedience.
  • A very simple ‘airplane game’ to get your dog looking into your eyes and paying attention to you as the source of reward and pleasure.

Now that your dog has mastered foundational training it’s time to improve his skills and use his senses to complete your commands. You will get games covering the following…

  • The ‘treasure hunt game’ that gets your dog back to his evolutionary roots and relieves the ‘boredom’ that leads to so many problem behaviors.
  • ‘The muffin game’ to keep your dog mentally stimulated and out of trouble.
  • ‘The ball pit game’ to drain your dog’s energy and make him easier to work with – all while they have a ton of fun and exercise.

Here your dog will learn about patience and impulse control with the following games…

  • Inside ‘jazz up and settle down’ you will learn how to settle your Dog down quickly after being hyped up with activity for a while.
  • The bottle game will help provide mental stimulation plus a small amount of exercise so they behave better for you.
  • Bobbing for treats will give your dog the excitement and reward he needs to behave well, while helping to remove any fear of water.

Here you will develop your dog’s motor skills and his ability to concentrate on your commands.

Inside you will discover:

  • The shell game to develop his mental agility.
  • The open sesame game to develop patience and calmness despite an open door.
  • The magic carpet game to develop even more patience and dexterity.

Here you will develop your dog’s intelligence and patience. You’ll also be focusing on helping him with his impulse control to become a better behaved dog.

Inside you will discover:

  • The hide and seek game to create a strong bond between you and your dog, and helps dogs who have trouble being alone.
  • The look at that game to stop dogs barking at other dogs or people from the window.
  • The hot and cold game to boost your dog’s ability to learn and build his confidence.

Here your dog will develop advanced level motor skills and intelligence…to obey your commands.

Inside you will discover:

  • Advanced leg-weaving skills to impress your friends.
  • The Serpentines and spirals game to help your dog stick by your side and follow your movements -no matter how erratic.
  • The name recognition game where your dog will learn to pick out toys by their name, to boost his cognitive ability.

Your dog is now at ‘genius level’. Why not impress your friends with your dog’s ability to stack rings, tidy his toys, and even play the piano?

Inside you will discover:

  • The tidy up game so your dog can tidy up after he is finished playing, A very impressive and useful trick.
  • The ring stackers game to develop skill and patience.
  • Play the piano game – that’s right. Your dog will actually play the piano on cue.

You Also Get 7 Trick Training Videos including:

  • Take a Bow
  • Cover his Eyes (‘Shame on You’)
  • Dance
  • Shake hands
  • Howl
  • Play dead
  • Roll over

Obedience 101 Training…which includes:

  • Insider secrets of using a ‘food lure’ to train your dog to complete your commands.
  • The critical element needed to get your dog to sit/lie down/take or leave items.
  • Key strategies for getting your dog to stay/heel/come to you and listen to your every command. You will also learn how to teach your dog to ‘drop it,’ which can literally save your dog’s life if he ever picks up something dangerous!
  • You will discover the exact methods I have used to successfully teach obedience commands to hundreds of dogs, and learn the secrets that will make your dog eager to listen to your every word!

Polishing Up Your Training…which includes:

  • How to fade food lures so your dog listens to you even when there’s no food in sight
  • The demystifying truth behind hand signals
  • A very simple tactic to increase obedience with verbal cues
  • How to boost obedience levels by fading continuous rewards

Adrienne's Archive...which includes:

  • Over 100 in-depth articles covering just about every behavior problem you can think of.
  • An entire section dedicated to puppy training where I reveal the secrets of successful potty training, crate training, socialization and bite inhibition.
  • NO cookie-cutter solutions. Most behavior problems have many different possible causes, and each different cause needs a different solution. That's why my techniques tackle the root cause of the problem to stop bad behaviors FAST.
  • All force-free, gentle techniques, created by a professional CCPDT certified trainer.

What I like About Brain Training For Dogs:

Recommends Friendly Training Methods:

We all know many dog training courses, and trainers still recommend punishment as a form of training. Thankfully, Adrienne’s dog training program is different as she doesn’t recommend any of such harsh training methods.

Adrienne promotes friendly training methods in his program and in videos that you can watch in her official website and on Youtube.

Boost Your Dog’s Mental Ability:

Adrienne has included some tips that if you follow till the end can boost your dog’s mental ability. Your dog will become smarter, and it will be easier for you to handle and deal with it.

Additionally, a smarter dog can get better at problem-solving and start understanding you more efficiently.

21 Games For Improving Skills:

These 21 games can make the learning process fun for your dog. When you play these games with your dog, you will enjoy a lot, and your dog will improve his skills as well.

Although, some dog breeds are more intelligent than other, but surely every dog can get his intelligence improved by using these fun and exciting games. Additionally, Adrienne included troubleshooting chapter that will help you overcome the hardest problems of your dog.

Innovative Program:

Dog training methods that Adrienne recommends work really well because they are unique and created by a professional trainer. Many dog training courses these days are just rewriting of old and ineffective methods.

Many dog owners used Adrienne’s methods and liking the step-by-step progression nature of this program.

Great Value Of Money:

We all know dog training courses, and personal dog trainers are expensive. Adrienne has kept the price of this dog training course under $50 because she wants everyone to take benefit from it.

Some people may say this program needs lots of efforts but they don’t realize any dog training course requires you to put on your efforts.

Offers Full Refund:

I saw very few dog training courses that offer a money back guarantee. Adrienne’s dog training program comes with 60 days money back guarantee that shows how much confidence she has on her program.

You have full 60 days from the date of your purchase to test this program without any risk, and if you don’t find it satisfactory or not according to your expectations, then you can return the program and get your full money back. You are at zero risk to try this program.

What I like About Brain Training For Dogs:

We all know some dog owners are happily paying $350 per hour for their dog training. I don’t know about you, but for me, it is too much expensive.

Thankfully, I discovered Adrienne’s dog training program that charges only $47 for providing all the information that dog trainers have with them.

As I already mentioned, Adrienne’s dog training program talks about all dog behavior problems and tell you how to eliminate these problems to make your dog loving and intelligent.

More importantly, Adrienne’s program is available for one-time payment (for the very limited time), and you can use videos, information, games, etc. to train your dog as much as you want without worrying of paying hourly charges of your local dog trainer.

If you are ready to put on some efforts and work on methods and technique Adrienne shared in this program then you can turn any bad behavior and brings out dog intelligence.

I personally feel (and I think you will agree), this program is worth $47 for all the information it gives and provides the ability to use it multiple times without a single extra charge.

“Today’s dogs suffer from a lack of mental stimulation and quality time spent with “their” people. The resulting boredom and anxiety can lead to no end of physical and behavioral problems. Brain Training for Dogs is the solution! In a clear and concise manner, Adrienne Farricelli walks owners through a series of puzzles and exercises that will challenge and entertain dogs of all abilities.”

Kate Abbot

Dog Owner

“Both the exercises and the games are very practical so dog owners may use them throughout the day to have a well-trained dog. There are training nuggets throughout, both in the step-by-step instructions and the Troubleshooting sections that will help enrich the lives of both dogs and their owners!”

Rosemary D.

Dog Owner

“Today’s dogs suffer from a lack of mental stimulation and quality time spent with “their” people. The resulting boredom and anxiety can lead to no end of physical and behavioral problems. Brain Training for Dogs is the solution! In a clear and concise manner, Adrienne Farricelli walks owners through a series of puzzles and exercises that will challenge and entertain dogs of all abilities.”

Dr. J Coates

Veterinary Advisor at

“After going through this program I feel 100 times more confident and far better about training. I have a far better understanding of behaviors and my puppy definitely seems to pick up on that confidence. This system is the best confidence booster and the best way to teach your dog.”

Caryl Wolff

Dog Training/Behavior Consultant for 20+ Years

Final Verdict:

People are training their dogs for many ages to make them smarter and obey their commands. A well-trained dog can be searcher, hunter, searcher and more importantly a loving companion.

If you are thinking about teaching some skills to your dog, then I feel this dog training course by Adrienne Farricelli is the great option because, it is affordable, protected with a money back guarantee and above all, you can repeat the training as much as you like.

Brain Training For Dogs by Adrienne Farricelli is much cheaper than hiring a professional dog trainer or sending your dog to the dog training school where you have to repay if your dog doesn’t pass the exam. You also don’t have to pay again and again because it is a one-time investment that is protected with 60 days money back guarantee. Truly speaking, you don’t have any reason for not trying this dog training program.

Brain Training for Dogs

I’ve seen the inside of loads of dog training programs. Some are rubbish, some are outdated and some are unsafe to say the least. Today I’m going to share my Brain Training for Dogs review with you.